2020 Long Beach Expo 1oz Silver Commemorative

This Little Panda Went to the Expo

2020 Long Beach Expo - Preferred Coin ExchangeA song snags your attention as an Oldsmobile squeaks to a halt in the Long Beach sun. “I want to hold your hand!” tumbles out the window — then the light turns green, and it’s gone. On the wall of the building behind, a poster wonders: Is smoking bad for you? The year is 1964, and across the street, 300E Ocean Blvd looms larger than life. The first Long Beach Expo has begun.

Three times a year, the expo brings dealers and collectors of rare and treasured items under one roof. 10,000 gather to find their needle in a haystack — from baseball cards to (of course) rare coins. And, every year, one special coin lies in wait: the annual Chinese Panda Long Beach Expo edition.

With a low mintage, pristine quality and expert design, it stands in a class of its own. We have three such coins at Preferred Coin Exchange — and today, we’ll take a closer look at one of our favorites.

A special coin…marking the Year of the Rat

What makes this coin so special?
While Chinese Pandas are desirable collectibles in their own right, this design is special for a few reasons:

1. With a mintage of 280, it belongs to the rarest of all major modern coin programs in 90 years.
The rarity of this coin is coveted across the world — not just because of its low mintage, but because of the unparalleled quality of its design. Struck at the Shanghai Mint in China and part of the fully regulated and Government approved Commemorative Show Panda Program> — known for its precision etching — the detail on this 2020 specimen is striking. Bringing character to China’s most beloved bears, the portrait tells a story you can fit in your pocket (though we don’t recommend it)!

But this 2020 commemorative is rare in more ways than one. In fact, its buyer will carry the most valuable coin of the treasured program…

2. The Year of the Rat is the first in the Chinese Lunar Calendar — making this commemorative the most valuable of the Lunar series.
First, there were panda commemoratives.

Then, there was the Long Beach Expo series.

Within that, the Lunar program presents special, limited-edition interest.

And crowning it, the 2020 Year of the Rat commemorative stands alone.

As the second of the series and the first in the lunar calendar, this coin truly is the rarest of the rare.

3. This special coin’s expert design was created by none other than Thomas Cleveland — a storied industry master and Original leader of the U.S. Mint’s Artistic Infusion Program

Year of the Rat - Preferred Coin ExchangeThe rat signifies new beginnings, intelligence, and adaptability — and that’s exactly what Cleveland brought to this Lunar series. Penning an exquisite collection that infuses culture into creation, each etching truly honors the beauty of the classic panda series — while bringing a sophistication only Cleveland can.

You may know his portfolio, or recognize his signature 2007 10th Anniversary Platinum American Eagle reverse design. Now, with the precision of the Shanghai Mint bringing his design to reality in this 2020 commemorative, his beautiful design is paired with perfect execution.

Is the year of the rat your year?

From its rarity to its expert craftsmanship and storytelling, this mint-condition 2020 Long Beach commemorative is the crowning jewel of any coin collection.

Whether you’re passionate about completing your collection or finding pieces of unique value, it truly stands in a class of its own.

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