August 30, 2018

Tips For Protecting, Preserving, and Storing Your Coin Collection

Whether you’re relatively new to the world of coin collecting or are an experienced numismatist that has built up quite the assortment of rare coins over […]
August 6, 2018

Best Tips For Building Your Dream Coin Collection

While coin collecting is a very rewarding and enriching hobby, it can be quite daunting when starting out. When looking at rare U.S. coins alone, there […]
July 27, 2018

Top Five Coins Worth Collecting

Every quality coin collection needs its fair share of rare coins to be deemed a truly valuable asset. If you’re relatively new to coin collecting and […]
July 23, 2018

Most Notable Coin Hoards Of Recent History

Throughout time, people have been fascinated with the concept of “buried treasure.” Today, numismatic coin collecting provides a modern-day twist of these thrilling ventures — coin […]
July 17, 2018

Numismatist vs. Coin Collector – Know The Difference

The world of coins is one filled with both collectors and students. Those who have a fascination with coins focus on either collecting them, studying them, […]
June 28, 2018
Money Museums - Preferred Coin Exchange

Money Museums Every Numismatist Must Visit

In this wonderful country we call home, there is a museum for just about every interest and hobby imaginable, from art and music museums to news, […]
June 8, 2018
Guide To Coin Grading - Preferred Coin Exchange

A Comprehensive Guide To Coin Grading

Coin collecting is a hobby and trade as old as mankind—dating back as far as the fourth century B.C. It remains a passion to many today […]
November 21, 2017

Ancient Treasures in the Sand

While coin collectors are attracted to the pastime for a variety of reasons, the opportunity to hold a piece of history in one’s hand is universally, […]
October 20, 2017

Pandas Almost Go Extinct in 1983!

We recently uncovered a small hoard of 1983 Gold Ten Yuan China Pandas! Most of these coins were thought to be nearly extinct. They are only […]
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