The 2022 Long Beach Expo Silver Commemorative

(And take it home, too)!

Our top advice for collectors today? Hold onto your hats, and keep your arms and legs where you can see them — there’s a tiger on the loose! The 2022 Long Beach commemorative, to be exact, marking the Year of the Tiger. It’s rare, majestic, possesses perfect P70 purity, and is right here at PCE (just don’t look it right in the eye).

This official and regulated Chinese collectible is both new and elusive. But what makes it so special?

We’ll take you through everything you need to know to learn if it’s the perfect piece for your collection. Starting with:

Thomas S. Cleveland — artist extraordinaire (and numismatic design legend)

A key feature that sets the Year of the Tiger commemorative apart is its design, created by the renowned American artist, Thomas Cleveland. With an exceptional talent for turning blank silver into exquisite works of art, Cleveland’s touch elevates this collectible to a true numismatic masterpiece.

His imprint on the industry goes back to the early 2000’s — and this may be one of his most stunning creations yet!

Clean-cut quality from the Shanghai Mint

This coin’s birthplace is as prestigious as it gets — the Shanghai Mint. Known for pressing precision detail in the faces of its creations, the mint’s craftsmanship “struck again” in 2022 to bring Cleveland’s design to life. Consistently meeting the highest standards for manufacturing, the coin’s origin is a testament to its value. With only 279 counterparts, it’s a truly unique find. Which brings us to…

Prized rarity — and purity

In the realm of modern coin programs, the Year of the Tiger commemorative is a diamond in the rough. With a limited mintage of just 280 coins, this 1 oz. silver treasure is as elusive as they come — tied with the Year of the Rat commemoratives as the rarest in the world!

And, with a purity of PF70, this prize promises perfection from the inside out. So why choose the Year of the Tiger over the Year of the Rat?

A year to remember — the Year of the Tiger

The Year of the Tiger, celebrated in 2022, represents strength, courage, and charisma. In Chinese culture, the tiger is a symbol of power, associated with good fortune and protection against evil! (Who wouldn’t want that?) This 2022 coin pays homage to its proud zodiac, making it a cherished keepsake for collectors worldwide. But it’s not alone!

Part of the Long Beach Expo lunar series

The Year of the Tiger and Year of the Rat commemoratives are both part of the Long Beach Expo lunar panda series. It’s a valued coin series in its own right, with a new installment created each year for the Long Beach Expo since 2020.

This event has earned its place as one of the most esteemed gatherings for coin collectors worldwide. It offers a space for us to come together and celebrate our shared passion — three times a year! The lunar series in particular is a beloved tradition at the Long Beach Expo — and an exciting extension of the Chinese panda coin series.

What next?

That’s up to you! At PCE, we help coin collectors and dealers worldwide secure, value, and sell the most prized pieces of their collections.

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