2022 New York Expo 1oz Commemorative

Why it’s so special — and why to get it here

Ever found a steal of a deal online for the next piece of your coin collection — only to find the “steal” was the seller’s? Finding the perfect coin is only half the battle. Accurate valuations, trusted trading relationships, and preserving the conditions of available coins are equally important. Sidestep them, and your commemorative may arrive worse for wear — to match your wallet!

At PCE, we’re proud to have several 2022 New York Expo commemoratives available. These special coins are part of the second rarest major modern coin program in the world. But they would be a lot less valuable without proper care, handling, and valuation.

Here’s what makes these coins so valuable — and why a reputable dealer and trusted trading relationship are so important when securing one.

Discover  the 2022 New York Expo 1oz Commemorative Why the New York Expo commemorative?

This celebration of history, artistry, and rarity honors the 50th anniversary of the renowned New York Expo trade show. A limited masterpiece, it has a mintage of just 300 — with all coins carefully crafted at the Shanghai mint, known for its detailed renderings of intricate designs.

At PCE, we’ve carefully preserved the PF70 condition of all New York Expo commemoratives in our care. The PF70 grade, representing a perfectly struck coin with no imperfections visible under magnification, adds a layer of rarity that sets these coins apart from some of the others in the same program.

Why buy from a trusted US coin dealer?

The importance of informed collecting

Understanding the details that contribute to a coin’s valuation is essential. It will help you spot overpriced deals online, while offering accurate insights into how a coin will provide value to your collection.

For example, informed collecting is about more than explaining that the New York Expo commemorative is a rare Chinese panda coin, which in addition to marking specific coin shows showcases the pandas at the Panda Base sanctuary in Chengdu, China.

It’s also important to understand that:
● They’re part of a government-issued and fully regulated major coin program.
● The New York Expo commemoratives in PCE’s possession have perfect, preserved PF70 grades.
● They have a large and healthy collecting audience.
● Only two major modern coin programs have lower mintages than the New York Expo commemorative. These are the Long Beach expo 2020 and 2022 1 oz silver commemoratives. They’re both panda coin programs, also available at PCE.

Our team of experts is poised to provide insights into the historical context, artistic intricacies, and numismatic value of any coins you have questions about!

The importance of trusted relationships

You can put a filter on anything online!

When a coin is offered for sale virtually, it’s not only likely the image has been retouched, but also that the display photo shows a different commemorative than the individual coin for sale — making it impossible to discern much about its condition.

Beyond the appearance or description of each coin featured online, it’s also hard to determine whether a seller is reputable or reliable:
● Will they ensure the safe transportation of the coin to your collection?
● Are they offering a fair and reasonable price?
● Is the condition of the coin exaggerated?

High-value commodities deals are about trust. So, the more open and involved in the collecting community your dealer is, the better.

At PCE, we’re proud to sponsor and speak at major coin shows in the United States. Our full-service team has years of experience finding, valuing, and selling coins — and we have an extensive trusted trading network of dealers and collectors from around the world.

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