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Heart Shaped Panda
The 2016 Heart Shaped Panda signed by Peter Anthony. This was the first year issue of the beautiful Heart Shaped Panda Commemorative coins. Peter Anthony is the author of the Gold and Silver Panda Buyer’s Guide and is directly involved in importing these beautiful coins to the U.S. Limited availability in PF70 grade. Call for more details and pricing.

2016 Heart Panda 2016-Heart-Panda-2

Heart Shaped Commemorative Panda
The beautiful 2020 – 1 oz. Heart Shaped Commemorative Panda coin. Low mintage of only 550 coins. Limited availability remains. Call for details and pricing


Gold Chinese Show Panda
The 2018 – 30 gram Gold Chinese Show Panda coin. This amazing proof coin was minted exclusively for the 2018 Santa Clara Coin Expo commemorating San Francisco and the Golden Gate Bridge. The last time a Show Panda was minted to commemorate San Francisco was in 1987. Available in PF69 grade. Call for more detail and pricing.


Preferred Coin Exchange does not sell coins as investments. Coins like many other things can go up or down in value and we have no way to predict or guarantee that. We recommend that coins be held for 5-7 years if not longer. We suggest that coins be purchased for their rarity, their beauty, their historical significance, or any other reason that the customer deems important to them.

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