Preferred Coin Exchange Team

Brian Aspen
Owner / Founder

Brian Aspen is the founder of Preferred Coin Exchange. He started Preferred Coin Exchange in 2015 after working for one of the largest coin distributors in the country. Brian quickly fell in love with the business, the history, and ultimately the clients that he worked with on a regular basis in the industry.

After years working for that company he came to the realization that he wanted his own company where he could take a more consultative approach with clients and ultimately give them the full circle experience that so many other companies were neglecting giving their clients.

When beginning Preferred Coin Exchange, Brian quickly looked back to his roots of coin collecting with his Grandparents where one of his favorite things to do with them was sorting endless coffee cans of coins, looking at date, mint marks, and the condition of coins. This made him want to create an environment in which honesty and customer care was at the forefront of his company.

Preferred Coin Exchange has been seen at FreedomFest, MoneyShow, Celebrity Connected gifting suite at the 2018 Emmy Awards, New Orleans Investment Conference, and has been featured as an industry leader in Splash Magazine.

When not running his business, Brian enjoys family time at his Minnesota home with his wife and 5 boys as well as golfing and watching Vikings football.

Eric Harmon
Director of Operations

Eric Harmon is a coin enthusiast of 20+ years and a unique coin consultant of eight years. His consultative approach gives his clients total visibility, allowing clients to be on the cutting edge as well as the ability to enjoy the collecting hobby.

When he is not assisting clients Eric enjoys traveling, hunting, fishing and anything outdoors. He is a husband and Dad of 4 wonderful children.

Aaron Parr
Director of Sales

Aaron has been a coin enthusiast since he was a little boy rummaging through old coins in his piggy bank. He jumped into the coin world as a profession just over two years ago. He has the keen ability to understand exactly what the clients needs are and puts customer service at top of mind through every interaction.

He enjoys spending time with his two daughters and fiancé and is recently engaged to get married in September, 2022. He enjoys watching sports, traveling, hiking, fishing, boating and pretty much anything outdoors and with his family.

Katie Polansky
Senior Account Executive

It all started when Katie was given gold wrapped chocolate coins as a child from her Grandpa, she was so fascinated by the gold she collected them instead of eating them like a child would. Brought into the world of coins by her Dad who is an avid collector, she is mesmerized by not just gold, but silver as well.

Katie really likes to spend her time being one with mother nature and animals, in addition to golfing, holistic health & wellness, reading books, cooking, and drinking fine Italian wine.

Dean Schletty
Senior Account Executive

Meet Dean. As the elder statesman of the group he has much experience and knowledge over a broad spectrum gained over the years which provide a critical understanding of where we are today and why.

Aware of precious metals’ importance since his college days in the early ‘80’s, he has been an ardent collector and promoter of them since the Y2K days, long believing them to be (God’s) “sound money”.

Unapologetically an adherent to the Austrian School perspective on economics, Dean strongly believes in physical possession of one’s assets (Gold and Silver) in order to preserve one’s wealth, and is very happily on the PCE team advocating such! “If you don’t possess it, you don’t own it” is a favored truism, which carries so much significance.

A fitness enthusiast his entire adult life, he is a strong proponent for healthy living (nutrition, active lifestyle, continuous learning) and being a good steward of our resources. A baby-boomer (nostalgically favoring much from the ‘60’s, ‘70’s and ‘80’s), raised in Minnesota (Vikings!!), he is conservative, patriotic and above all a believer in, and promoter of, the Truth – to which we must all give account.

You will find him helpful, kind, genuine and honest in any dealings, as he works with you to get you to your goal.

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