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Our trained coin experts take a consultative approach with each client to give full visibility on our one of a kind Chinese Panda coins. Be sure to reach out to one of our experts below for a free coin consultation so we can cater to your needs and help build a world class coin set to help preserve your wealth.

Brian Aspen – Owner / Operator and Coin Appraiser
Office: 715-578-4017

Eric Harmon – Director of Operations
Office: 715-578-4005

Aaron Parr – Director of Sales
Office: 715-598-5984

Katie Polansky – Senior Account Executive
Office: 715-578-4030

Dean Schletty – Senior Account Executive
Office: 715-350-7863

Preferred Coin Exchange does not sell coins as investments. Coins like many other things can go up or down in value and we have no way to predict or guarantee that. We recommend that coins be held for 5-7 years if not longer. We suggest that coins be purchased for their rarity, their beauty, their historical significance, or any other reason that the customer deems important to them.

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