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Brian Aspen, Owner

Eric Harmon, Senior Account Executive


Kurt Bursey, Executive Account Manager


Kimberly Anderson, Executive Assistant


About the Owner

Brian Aspen (pictured above) is the founder of Preferred Coin Exchange. He started Preferred Coin Exchange in 2015 after working for one of the largest coin distributors in the country. Brian quickly fell in love with the business, the history, and ultimately the clients that he worked with on a regular basis in the industry.

After years working for that company he came to the realization that he wanted his own company where he could take a more consultative approach with clients and ultimately give them the full circle experience that so many other companies were neglecting giving their clients.

When beginning Preferred Coin Exchange, Brian quickly looked back to his roots of coin collecting with his Grandparents where one of his favorite things to do with them was sorting endless coffee cans of coins, looking at date, mint marks, and the condition of coins. This made him want to create an environment in which honestly and customer care was at the forefront of his company.

Preferred Coin Exchange offers a unique Profit Guarantee which is an industry 1st and has been seen at Freedom Fest in Las Vegas, the Celebrity Connected Gifting Suite at the 2018 Emmy Awards and has been featured as an industry leader in Splash Magazine.

When not running his business, Brian enjoys family time at his Minnesota home with his wife and 4 boys as well as golfing and watching Vikings football.

Our Mission

To assist in building world class rare coin collections one coin at a time, working with the most discerning collectors, and to bring the process full circle.

Utilizing our high ethical and moral standards combined with cutting-edge technology and information, we specialize in getting our coin collecting clients what everyone wants, but cannot get.

We strive to provide a service that is for the clients benefit.

Profit Guarantee

Another way we go above and beyond for you at Preferred Coin Exchange is by guaranteeing you profit in writing for select coins. We are so confident in what we do, we will put our money where our mouth is to mitigate your investment risk — ensuring you still come out in the positive even if you are unable to resell your coin for a higher value.

In the world of numismatics, profit is no guarantee, but we care so much about our coin collecting customers and having them succeed in this fickle trade that we make it a guarantee.  If you are unable to successfully make a profit off of a coin bought from us, our guarantee gives you 180 days to sell it back to us for more than you paid. We want to be there for our clients from the beginning to the end, and no other coin company will offer a deal like this.

If you purchase a coin from us that features our profit guarantee and then you are unable to sell it for a profit, we will buy it back from you! Not only will we buy your coin back, but we will pay a minimum of five percent additional on top of the original sale price so that your coin trading endeavor was still worthwhile.

If you’re new to coin collecting, this is the safest way to try it out. We offer this unique service to numismatists in hopes it will encourage many others to make the jump to begin coin collecting—  by ridding the concern of making initial financial mistakes due to lack of numismatic knowledge. With a profit guarantee, you can rest assured that you are not going to lose out while learning the ins and outs of this great pastime.