Coin shows, essential to our collecting community

Collectors, dealers, and appraisers of rare coins are all over the world — and, in some areas, thin on the ground. Our mintage, you could say, is low! And while the internet makes it possible to create collecting communities online, some of the best opportunities to:

• assess a larger number of high-quality coins first hand,
• create trusted trading relationships, and
• find highly motivated community members

— happen at conferences and trade shows. These include the Long Beach Expo, New York Expo, New Orleans Investment Conference, and StockPulse Silver Symposium, to name a few. In fact, the health of our collecting communities (and sometimes, our investments) depend on them.

This isn’t just because showing up in person removes the degrees of separation between you, your coins, and other dealers and collectors. It also removes the filters and façades that can make it hard to assess whether a seller or buyer is reputable online. Judging the conditions of available coins becomes easier, too.

If you’re unable to visit a conference, we suggest getting a reputable team of experts to find, assess, and sell your coins for you (👋 hi, there). But if you can attend, we highly recommend it! There’s plenty to learn, and even more experts and enthusiasts to meet.

In the meantime, here are some updates from a couple of recent events you might have missed:

The 2023 New Orleans Investment Conference

We were proud sponsors!
• The event saw thought-provoking keynote speeches (including by PCE’s owner and founder, Brian Aspen!) on investment opportunities in rare commodities
• It included hundreds of booths set up by commodities experts from across the world (including PCE at booth 207 with the largest platinum coin in the world!).
• Our special giveaway awarded one lucky winner a rare panda commemorative (2018 Silver Santa Clara PF69).
• An energetic group of experts and beginners learned and reconnected from last year.
• Following the event, we were featured in the latest Gold Newsletter, founded in 1971 to highlight unique investment opportunities.

We were also honored to speak at the StockPulse Silver Symposium in Las Vegas this September

• You can listen to Brian Aspen’s presentation here.
• The show saw a global community of attendees at the legendary Caesar’s Palace!
• We set up another booth and giveaway — this time a 2018 Santa Clara Int.’l Coin Expo Silver Ultra Cameo. We hope to see you for the next one!

Learn about panda coins commemorating legendary American trade shows in our blogs!

2020 Long Beach Expo 1oz Silver Commemorative
The 2022 Long Beach Expo Silver Commemorative

What’s next?

To discover more events coming up in the next year, visit the American Numismatic Association’s website.

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